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Alucobond® Standard Colour Chart

  • 30 Standard Colours including Metallics and Special Finishes.
  • This product carries BBA certification.
  • BBA logo

Solid Colours
326 Black
202 Ruby
  Dark Blue
323 Dark Blue
103 Beige
Anthrazit Grey
105 Anthrazit Grey
201 Red
  Ultramarine Blue
203 Ultramarine Blue
  Light Grey
104 Light Grey
200 Lemon
  Moss Green
204 Moss Green
102 Cream
        Patina Green
205 Patina Green
  White 16
101 White 16
            Pure White 10
100 Pure White 10


Metallic Colours
Bronze Metallic
504 Bronze Metallic
  Champagne Metallic
503 Champagne Metallic
  Silver Metallic
500 Silver Metallic
  Dark Grey Metallic
505 Dark Grey Metallic
Gold Metallic
601 Gold Metallic
  Seafoam Green Metallic
604 Seafoam Green Metallic
  Sunrise Silver Metallic
600 Sunrise Silver Metallic
  Grey Metallic
502 Grey Metallic
Indiana Copper
704 Indiana Copper
  Grey Blue Metallic
603 Grey Blue Metallic
  Brilliant Metallic
602 Brilliant Metallic
  Smoke Silver Metallic
501 Smoke Silver Metallic


Special Effect Colours
Sparkling Red Metallic
890 Sparkling Red Metallic
  Sparking Blue Metallic
889 Sparkling Blue Metallic
  Sparking Black Metallic
888 Sparkling Black Metallic
  Light Grey Shine
800 Light Grey Shine
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