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Extruded Aluminium Supplied to EN 755

Aluminium extrusions provide strong, light solutions for many architectural, construction and engineering designs. The process affords the production of highly complex and attractive shapes from miniature to large sizes.

The following pages show our stock range of extrusions which are used in many different industries such as; vehicle construction, architectural, structural engineering and high speed machining. In addition to these, we offer many more standard and non-standard extrusions with a quick delivery time.

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Flat Bar

Round Bar
Square Bar
Square Hollow
Round Tube

Hollow Section
Wallboard Sections
Surface Finishes and Processing

The possibilities with extrusions are greatly enhanced by the wide range of finishes now available. We can offer:

  • Alochromed
  • Satin Anodised
  • Bright Anodised
  • Colour Anodised
  • Hard Anodised
  • Bright Polished
  • Satin Polished
  • Painted / Powder Coated
  • Abrasive Blasted

Sections up to 16" diameter can be offered in single and multiple cut lengths using modern automated saws and specialised processing can be undertaken to your requirements.

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