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Technical Data and Service

Product Description
Novelis prepainted aluminium ff2 and ff2 plus are semi-finished aluminium products in strip or panel form which have been coil-coated with high-quality PVdF (polyvinyl flouride) paints. Alloys, mechanical properties and coating materials have been carefully geared to the needs of facade cladding.

Facade cladding for new and renovated buildings, eg residential buildings, office buildings, halls, industrial buildings, technical installations, etc.

Novelis WG-53S, EN AW-5754 (AIMg3) to EN 573-3, AA 5754 (international designation).

  ..Dimensions - Panels in standard dimensions
..Thickness: ..ff2:......... 2.0mm
  ..ff2 plus: 2.2mm
..Width: ..1500mm
..Length: ..3000mm
.....................................................Special dimensions on request
..Width: ..Max. 1600mm

  ..Mechanical Properties
..Temper: ..H 42 to En 1398
..Tensile Strength: ..Rm 220 - 260 MPa
..Elongation limit: ..Rp 0.2, 165 - 200 MPa
..Elongation: ..A 50>9%
..Permissible stress: ..Zperm - 96 MPa to DIN 4113

Linear Expansion
Coefficient of linear expansion 0.024mm/m/0C

Modulus of elasticity - 70,000 MPa

Fire Protection
ff2 and ff2 plus are non-combustible to DIN 4102-A2, test symbol PA-III 4.592.
Smoke gases comply with DIN 4102 and pose no threat to health.

Coating thicknesses
Front face approx. 25um, metallics up to 40um, reverse face approx. 3um.

Approx. 20 units as per the Gardner measuring system, measuring angle 60 degrees.
Metallic colours approx. 40 units.

Colours as per current Novelis colour chart and PPG colour chart, as well as special colours developed on the basis of RAL, NCS etc. or customer specifications. Special and customised colours available from a min. quantity of 1500 m2.

Quality control and Certificates
Quality checks are base don Novelis' factory standard, EN, DIN, ASTM and BS Stabdards and ECCA guidlines*).
Quality assurance has been certified to ISO 9001.

Environmental Protection
Facade washdown: ff2 is ecologically neutral. ff2 and ff2 plus prepainted aluminium can be recycled without problem and can be fed back into the material cycle without any loss of quality. 85% of ff2 and ff2 plus prepainted aluminium is produced from recycled (secondary) aluminium.

ff2 and ff2 plus prepainted aluminium are available via trade distributors.
We would be pleased to rpovide you dustribution.

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