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Aluminium Plate Products


Richard Austin Alloys stock an extensive range of aluminium plate and offer a full cutting service to keep customer's machining time and costs to a minimum.

Our Stock ranges from 8mm up to 8" thick, and all plates are stress relieved to reduce the risk of distortion during machining. Richard Austin Alloys can provide full traceability on all items of full or cut plate backed up with copies of the original test certificates if requested.

Alloy 5083
A work hardening alloy with a 4.5% magnesium content commonly used in marine applications. It's medium strength, excellent weldability and corrosion resistance combined to make it a suitable choice for many general uses.

Alloy 6082
A heat treatable alloy with excellent machining properties and good welding characteristics. This alloy is suitable for many general engineering and structural applications.

Cast Tooling Plate
Cast Aluminium tooling plate is manufactured under tightly controlled conditions, with both faces pre-machined to give an excellent surface finish and a flatness tolerance of 0.38mm or less. Cast plate has excellent stability during and after machining which make it ideal for precision applications such as drilling fixtures, machining bedplates, assembly machine table and other uses in the plastics and electronics industries.

Plate Processing
Modern fully automated saws and band saws enable Richard Austin Alloys to offer squares, rectangles, discs, rings and irregular shapes. Plates as large as 4000mm x 2500mm can be handled and thicknesses upto 203mm (8") can be cut to close tolerances. Click here for processing

The overlap between sheet and plate. Shate descibes the range of thicknesses over 3mm upto 6.35mm (1/4") for rolled materials. Stocked in alloys 5454, 5083, 5251, 6082 and 1050, it is generally sold in full sheets but can be supplied sawn or guillotined to size.

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