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Aluminium Plate


Aluminium Plate


Aluminium Plate from Richard Austin Alloys



Aluminium Plate

Here at Richard Austin alloys we have a large rainge of aluminium plate stock and we offer a cutting service to compliment these products, this means that the customer saves time and money on the turnaround of original concept to cutting completion.

Our stock of aluminium plate comes in sizes from and including eight millimetres up to eight inches in thickness. All aluminium plate are relieved using stress processes which will help to reduce the chances of the plate distorting when it is being machined. We are able to trace all plate products and back it up with a copy of the provisional test certificate if our client requests.

In our aluminium plate range we have alloy 5083 which is an alloy that hardens using magnesium. This type of alloy is most often found in applications related to the marine industry. It is of a medium strength and is perfect for welding as well as being resistant to corrosion. This makes it suitable for many different uses.

Alloy 6082 is used in our aluminium plate products as it is able to treated by heat meaning its properties are perfect for machining and weldability is excellent. Engineering and structure applications are the most common to make use of this alloy.

Cast tooling aluminium plate is designed and manufactured under close scutinisation. We pre machine both faces of the aluminium plate to ensure the finish on the surface is absolutely perfect and blemish free with the tolerance of the flatness less than half a millimetre. The aluminium plate is extremely stable both during and after completion of machining amking it perfect for precision applications including fixtures for drills, bedplates on machines and assembly machine table and lots of electronic industry applications.