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Aluminium Round Bar


Aluminium Round Bar


Aluminium Round Bar from Richard Austin Alloys



Aluminium Round Bar

Here at Richard Austin Alloys Ltd we cut aluminium round bar to any required length with a high degree of accuracy. We specialise in the cutting of aluminium round bar using fully automated saw machines so that clients get a quick turnaround with their orders.

Aluminium round bar can be cut using our saws or guillotine if it is thin enough in our processing department. The processing department takes care of the cutting of aluminium round bar and sheet products, vinyl coating, plate processing as well as bar and tube blanking. Below are details of some of the processing jobs that are taken on here.

The guilotine and shearing section is for cutting aluminium sheet that is between half a millimetre and six millimetres in thickness and up to four thousand millimetres in length. If you have aluminium round bar that is thicker than this in fact anything up to one hundred and fifty millimetres thick we will cut this using the automated saws.

Every one of our factories has vinyl coating facilities in house. This means all round bar and plate products will be coated with vinyl to help protect them. The vinyl coating is applied to sheet aluminium that is anything up to six millimetres thick and one hundred and fifty centimetres wide. We offer a wide range of thickesses for the coating and specialised laser coating is also available.

Plate processing facilities at two of our factories include aluminium round bar and plate cutting facilities which have the capability to cut these aluminium products up to just over two hundred millimetres thick and four hundred centimetres long. We can of course cut one off or multiple blanks in very short notice. The saws and plate cutting facilities can also be prepared so they will cut plate aluminium in shapes with multiple sides or circles.