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The majority of our sites have the capability to carry out the following services and processes on customers requests (please check with your local branch).

Processes and Services at Richard Austin Alloys

Guillotine / Shear

We have the in-house facility to guillotine aluminium sheet from 0.5mm to 6mm up to 4000mm in length.

Products over this thickness can be processed up to 150mm thick on our plate process saw.


Vinyl Coating

All branches have the in-house facility to apply a protective vinyl coating to all of its sheet products up to and including 6mm thick, and up to including 1500mm wide.

A range of coating thicknesses and colours are available including a specialist laser coating.


Plate Processing

We currently have aluminium plate cutting facilities at two of its operations with capabilities of cutting up to 203mm (8") thick and 4000mm long.


Bar & Tube Blanking

All our branches have the in-house facility to process cut bar blanks up to and including 20 " (508mm) diameter with a great degree of accuracy.

One-off and multiple cut blanks can be supplied in a short lead-time.



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